Color contact lenses are a great way to change your look. They can enlarge the look of your eyes, emphasize their natural beauty and even completely transform your style. Look and feel your best by taking proper care of your lenses.

Step 1. Safe storage

Follow these simple guidelines to store your lenses safely:

·      Wash your hands before touching your eye or lenses

·      Clean and dry the contact lens case before adding the solution and lenses

·      Use fresh solution daily, even if you haven’t worn the lenses that day

·      If you haven’t worn the lenses in over 30 days, throw them out as they are now not fit to be worn (bacteria can infect lenses over time!) Try daily disposable lenses like Freshlook One-Day Colorblends instead of long-wearing lenses.

Step 2. Keep Lenses Fresh

Clean lenses are the key to avoiding eye issues and potential infections. Keep your lenses fresh:

·      Use fresh solution daily – never reuse solution! Contact lens solution helps deep clean your lenses by removing invisible proteins that form on your lens after a day of wear. It needs to be changed everyday to help maintain your lenses.

·      Check the lenses for dirt before wearing them. Only use solution to clean the dirt off gently.

·      Never wear a torn lens – Torn lenses can cause severe damage to your eye leading to infections, redness, itching and can even scratch your cornea!

·      Don’t wear your lenses overnight! Your eyes need their rest so remove the lenses before you go to bed.

·      If a lens feels uncomfortable, remove it immediately and consult your eyecare professional if your eyes are red or itchy for an extended period of time.

Step 3. Check the expiration date

Contact lenses have expiration dates and a replacement period – these are different from each other.

·      The expiration date is on the box and your lenses should be used before their expiration date.

·      The replacement period is how long you can safely wear your lenses for – daily lenses can only be worn for the day, monthly lenses for the month and yearly lenses last a year. Whether they are daily or monthly lenses, never wear contact lenses for more time than advised. Old lenses are more likely to rip, cause infections and damage your eye.

·      One last tip for contact users is to pay attention to the solution expiration date. Expired contact solution is no longer effective and will not clean your lenses properly.

Now that you know how to take care of your lenses properly, go on and get yourself a new pair! Shop our top picks here!