Five essential lens care tips when you’re feeling outdoorsy

Take Care of Your Lenses Even While Enjoying Outdoor Activities!

With the cooling temperatures in the region, people will definitely enjoy outdoor pleasures such as camping in the desert, hiking, or going to their chalet.

Check out these tips for the active outdoor season to keep your contacts in their best shape.

Clean hands mean clean contacts

When you are outdoors, you can't always get to fresh water to wash your hands. But what if you need to do something with your contacts that require touching them? The solution is to carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer or wipes with you.

Avoid rubbing your eyes

The wind blowing in your eyes may make them feel itchy or even carry sand into your eyes. Try not to rub your eyes, as you may scratch your eye or contacts, or even rub your lenses right out of your eye!

Watch out for eye infections

If you take thorough care of your contacts, you lessen the chances of getting an eye infection or irritation.

  • Cleaning with sterile contact solution is necessary.

  • Don’t reuse or top off contact solution.

  • Throw out your contacts if they are daily use ones and do not wear contact lenses longer than recommended by your doctor.

Properly store contact lenses

Make sure you always have a hygienic case to store your lenses in when they are not in use.

  • Make sure to rinse them with lens solution only  

  • Replace them every 3 months.

Check your lens before wearing

When it comes time to pop in those new lenses, give it a quick look over to be sure there is no damage on the lens. Contact lenses are thin and delicate so there is a possibility they could have tears or rips.

Follow these tips to ensure your contacts stay in fabulous shape while being outdoors this season. For more information about the best styles for eyewear, get in touch with eyewa today.