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Keep your eyes protected.

Block the Blue Light

FOR Techies

Unlock your full potentials in technical knowledge and IT skills with blue light glasses that will optimize your productivity & uplift your professional attire.

FOR Design Wizards

As a designer, there’s pretty much no escaping being in front of a screen. Stay focused on those pixels headache-free by wearing sleek blue light filtering glasses.


Get Premium protection & visibility with Polarized sunglasses

FOR Engineers

Opt for highly-functional polarized sunglasses that reduce bright reflections and protect your eyes from all the UV rays, to comfortably keep up with your active job in the sun.

FOR Architects

Get optimal visibility on your site check while wearing on-trend polarized sunglasses in bright situations. They're undoubtedly a strong focal point in your appearance.


Enjoy freedom of movement.

Wear Prescription lenses

For Athletes

Enjoy free movement with our prescription contact lenses that will optimize your active performance without compromising clarity.

For Photographers

Take the perfect shot hassle-free. With the increased sharpness of your vision, there’ll be no need to adjust the diopter levels of your camera.

For Culinary Artists

Who needs foggy glasses when opening a hot stove? Master your culinary skills hassle-free by wearing prescription contact lenses that give you the perfect sight with utmost convenience.


Put your Eyeglasses on for maximum clarity & comfort

For Docs

Heroes with white coats need the best eyeglasses and we are here to provide them with a functional, comfortable, and professional collection for their everyday use.

For Writers

Are you a lover of words who spends hours editing, writing, and proofreading texts? Get the ultimate focus on your drafts while wearing a pair of super effective eyeglasses.