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Established as the hottest case of shades of all times - the "ANY DI SunCover" in the eyewear industry is globally alluded to as "originality" and the ultimate new concepts of optical cases. They'll cover your beloved frames from bruises and grit, surely. However, that is not everything at all, by definition. They are always out of the ordinary, and this is exceptionally demonstrated by its unique patent that sets it apart from any other accessory as the softest case made out of real leather and strong gold-plating of the best quality possible. Any DI accessories for women produce the first eyewear cover that can be attached to the bag instead of consuming a large area of your carry-on and at the same time, provides complete protection to reserve the shades as new. The German brand is also keen to create eco-friendly pieces, including the gorgeous recycled polyester sunglasses cover. If you're looking for an accessory that works more than just a keeper of your glasses, we recommend that you explore this collection which will catch your eye.



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