Some sunglasses they choose you!

You know these sunglasses that perfect your outfit by just putting them on? The ones that immediately boost your confidence.

Well, they are here; 30Sundays sunglasses are the sunshine on the move!

Bring your own sunshine everyday with your choice of the latest most stylish sunglasses in the region!

What is 30Sundays?

30sundays is the trendiest and most relevant brand in the region with its unique styles and unlimited choices, new releases around the year

Each of our sunglasses are hand crafted carefully designed to suit every style, available in different colors and sizes

Our exclusive distributor is eyewa.com – selling our products only on one platform which provides the best customer experience and best packaging

Why 30 Sundays?

Quality is among the foremost considerations when considering the right sunglasses. 30Sundays sunglasses are made using material like acetate and stainless steel to bring the much-needed durability and strength to their sunglasses. They place great emphasis on care and protection. This is why each pair of 30Sundays sunglasses offers Category 3 protection – that’s the highest grade of UV protection any sunglasses can have. Hypoallergenic nose-pads with a silicon coating prevent the metal of the frame from reacting with even the most sensitive skin.

Since styles change by the season, the brand constantly updates and upgrades the collection of 30Sundays sunglasses to reflect and stay on top of the trends game. And the cherry on the top is the affordable price they offer!

Find your style, color, and shape and wear your personality unapologetically. 30Sundays is all about being you, and not about conforming to what fashion houses dictate

How to get a pair?

30Sundays Instagram account, where you feel the brands positive energy vibing from every post @30sundays

And at eyewa.com exclusively; you can order your pair of sunglasses and have it delivered to you! Eyewa offers a great return and exchange policy that makes the ordering process safer without having to think about the sunglasses not being a fantastic fit!

To help you be more decisive, eyewa’s instagram account features filters for 30Sundays sunglasses, where you can try them on before buying! So you can order and be 100% sure of your satisfaction in your new sunglasses!

Browse through the 30Sundays range of latest men’s and women’s sunglasses, showcased exclusively at eyewa.com. Buy your favorite pair and sit back as the latest in fashion eyewear is delivered to your doorstep!

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