PRECISION1 One-Day - Pack of 90

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PRECISION1® Daily Contact Lenses

PRECISION1® contact lenses are designed for people who want to enjoy the freedom of life while confortably wearing daily contact lenses.

They feature the SMARTSURFACE Technology, a permanent micro-thin layer of moisture that prevents them from drying out and your eyes from feeling heavy at the end of the day.

Made with Verofilcon A, a silicone hydrogel material with a 51% water content, these daily disposable contact lenses include Class 1 UVA and UVB protection - a feature that is not available with the other Alcon daily disposable lenses.

Since PRECISION1® are daily disposable contact lenses, you simply put them in the morning and remove them before going to bed at night, giving your eyes a fresh new feeling everyday.


Product Specifications:

Manufacturer: Alcon
Brand: Precision 1
Type of Lens: Corrective Contact Lenses
Lens Material: Verofilicon A
Technology: SMARTSURFACE® technology
Water Content: 51%
Base Curve: 8.3 mm
Lens Diameter: 14.2 mm
Centre Thickness: 0.09 mm
Oxygen permeability: 100 Dk/t
UVA/UVB protection: Yes
Replacement Schedule: Daily

PRECISION1® daily disposable contact lenses come in a pack of 30 and 90, and are available for purchase through eyewa, with fast shipping and cash on delivery option to cities across the United Arab Emirates – including but not limited to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.

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