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Sunny Cords Accessories

Imagine that there is a business relationship was born specifically to protect your glasses in style! Sunny Cords is a Dutch-Australian brand dedicated to protecting your glasses using the latest and most modern methods. The story of Sunny cords began four years ago, with a specific mission of reusing new fashions from the old fashion accessories of the '80s. From the modern style of Amsterdam to the relaxed ambiance of the stunning Bondi Beach. Sunny Cords sunglasses have brought together the best of both worlds. Since then, they have become a favorite for many. If you don't prefer the traditional styles of eyeglass chains, here are the best and most sophisticated shapes with the cuffs set. Handcrafted with a clear passion and attention to detail with great care in the selection of raw materials used from around the world. Shop eyewa online now to find patterns of beads or gems that create a new look for different occasions.



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