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Blue Light Glasses for Kids

With anti-radiant glasses from essiKIDS and Babamio, all dedicated to taking care of the eyes of the little kings and queens of the house! They purify the damaging blue and ultraviolet lights emitted from the electronic devices, allowing only the beneficial ones to pass through. These lenses offer the highest level of visibility and support with accredited UV safety with an E-SPF 25 rating and easy-to-clean usability. Extremely resistant, shock-resistant, and light in weight, they indeed are. Even if your kids have perfect vision, they are preferred to wear these glasses at certain times of harmful exposure. With blue light kids' glasses, you will combine your children's enjoyment of all their beloved digital activities while ensuring the safety and protection of their eyes. On eyewa, we give you playful shapes that will appeal to everyone including round, cat-eye, rectangle, and hexagon frames. Browse the many colors of our products for children aged 5 to 14 years like green, pink and purple, which we show you on our website after a careful selection of the best labels out there.



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