Layala new 2021 color collection

About Layala

Layala was inspired by every woman, to empower her to champion her uniqueness. The Layala collections feature a wide range of natural color contact lenses that suit all eye colors and skin tones, so that you can effortlessly make them your everyday choice; whether you wish to revolutionize your appearance or simply upgrade your natural eye color.

Time to express yourself.

Comfortable and breathable

3 months of wear*

Available in powers

Fit all eye colors

Introducing Layala contour lenses

Layala Contour is the secret to a captivating beauty that lies behind wide radiant eyes. Distinguished by a bold colored limbal ring, these contour lenses give the eyes a natural eye-enlarging effect, for a rich sparkling depth.

Layala's new 2021 color collection

Layala's new 2021 collection of color contact lenses features 4 glamorous shades that are all about expressing yourself.

Created to give the eyes a natural color coverage, this collection will turn your everyday look into a strikingly unique one.

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