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Amara Lenses

This glamorous new company is revolutionizing comfort and style and lifting the benchmark in the realm of colored contact lenses. This trendy progressive collection gives you 20 compelling colored choices available; pick from warm hazels to dynamic multi-toned shades of blue. Exemplifying new grandeur; the decision is now yours: go bold and indulgent or simple and unpretentious. Amara lenses are accessible 24/7 in power ranges from 0 to 6. Amara contact lenses are cosmetic lenses that either improve the color of your eyes or give you a whole new color for a distinctive and different look. They are designed to wear daily for up to 30 days while ensuring your eyes are comfortable all day because they are made of polymacon and contain 38% water to keep the lens moist. Take inspiration from the brand ambassador herself - Maya Diab - and choose your favorite color among the grey, hazel, and brown, and don't forget to channel your inner starlet.






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