“She is bold. She is confident. She is not afraid to wear her style. Ambitious, unapologetic, and carefree. She is a Layala woman.”

Layala’s collection of colored contacts is inspired by the quintessential contemporary woman. It, in turn, helps her find an expression of herself. Her class, her style, her personality. Layala helps women connect with their sense of beauty and style and find creative expressions of themselves. 

Why Layala? 

Layala believes that every woman can be who she wants. This is why our range of colored contact lenses helps women find the perfect expression of their style and personality. Our lenses are suitable for all skin tones. The natural feel of Layala color lenses brings out subtle, natural looks that can be worn on all occasions.

Women should never have to compromise comfort in the name of style. Layala contact lenses are an ideal choice for women with and without prescription power. Our 3-month disposable lenses are safe, comfortable, and convenient for use throughout the day. They fit perfectly on the surface of the eye and offer complete coverage. The superior quality of material and finish makes Layala lenses the best choice. 

Layala color lenses are all about the experience. An experience which begins from the purchase and goes all the way to use. Our user experience begins with the choice of lenses from the website. Pick the color that brings out the best in your personality. The color that helps you stand out, and stands for all that’s you. Choose from regular colored contacts or enter your prescription. Enjoy the convenience of safe, quick delivery to your preferred destination. Our guaranteed quality, support, and policy for return and exchange make Layala a brand you can trust. 

Today’s woman is always on the go. She is driven by ambition and has the power to chase her dreams. Layala understands the needs of such women and provides safety and style. Our lenses can be comfortably worn throughout the day, every day. You can wear Layala color lenses for 3 months without having to settle on the look or comfort. 

It is time to own your style. Make no compromises and don’t hold back. Explore your inner self and find your voice. Be who you are, and anything you want to be. Be brand new each day.  Try new colors, or change your colors often. Be elegant and stylish everyday Be yourself and be beautiful, as you already are. 

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