If you have a refractive error and are wearing glasses, you must have had questions around switching over to contact lenses in your mind every now and then. Such as, whether it is better to wear glasses or contacts or are contact lenses safe to use? Read on to find out the answers to the common questions that pop up in your mind around contact lenses and find out how by wearing contact lenses you can improve your overall quality of life.

Firstly, is it better to wear glasses or contact lenses?

This is one argument that has been going on among wearers for a long time. There are wearers who opt for a combination of the two, and there are others who have a solid preference for one and they tend to stick to it.

However, there are many misconceptions about contact lenses that exist to this date and they may sometimes keep people from giving contact lenses a try. What is important to know is that contact lenses are absolutely safe to wear, and with proper care and close attention to hygiene, any potential issue can be easily avoided.

Secondly, are contact lenses safe?

Although eyeglasses provide various benefits over contact lenses, such as they require less maintenance and cleaning and are much cheaper in the long run. The chances of eye infections are also lesser with glasses as compared to contact lenses. However, if you follow some essential steps to look after your contacts and your eyes, the risk of infection can be minimal. Also, daily disposable contact lenses cut down chances of infections as they are discarded after single day use. For weekly and monthly contact lenses, simple cleaning and storing tips can ensure your eyes stay healthy and free from infections.

Thirdly, are contact lenses expensive?

The price of contact lenses varies depending on many factors such as the brand you choose, whether you opt for daily disposable ones or monthly ones and also the technical features that the contacts have to offer. The daily contacts can range anywhere from $2.5 USD to over 100 USD. Whichever contact lenses you opt for, we make sure that you find the entire range at best deals and discounts.

Lastly, Is it better to wear glasses or contacts while on the computer?

Working on the computer screen for extended hours cuts down the number of times your eyes blink, making them dry. This can lead to redness, irritation, itching and headache, regardless of whether you wear contact lenses or glasses. Wearing eyeglasses while working on the computer is beneficial when they are fitted with a blue light filter or if they are anti-glare eyeglasses designed specifically to protect the eyes from glare. You can wear contact lenses when working on a computer if you choose the ones that are highly breathable with a high water content to ensure adequate hydration and moisture. Also, contact lenses made from silicone hydrogel help to enhance oxygen supply into the eyes and help in keeping them refreshed.

The latest technological innovations and breakthroughs have made contact lenses extremely safe and as long as you follow the doctor’s instructions and stick to a healthy eye care routine, you should not be encountering any problems at all. Since most of the contact lenses are nowadays made from silicone hydrogel, it allows a higher amount of oxygen to reach the cornea. Due to this, many eye problems that were once prominent in the ’90s are now not encountered while wearing contact lenses.

So, if you wear glasses and have been thinking of switching over to contact lenses, here are some amazing reasons why you should give them a try:

  1. Contact lens are great for people with an active lifestyle

For those who love outdoor sports and activities, contact lenses offer an absolutely efficient solution for eyewear. They stay at one place and don’t move around when you are engaged in an intensely physical sport or activity, and unlike eyeglasses, you do not have to worry about them falling out or potentially breaking. On an extremely rare occasion when contact lenses escape the socket of your eye (if you rub your eye too hard or forcefully), they do not break and can be manoeuvred within the eye and taken out safely. For people who have an active lifestyle and love spending time outdoors, contact lenses offer a more practical and ideal solution. Being less obstructive than glasses, they do not interfere with any of the safety gears such as caps, goggles or helmets.

 2. They offer a clearer vision

Since contact lenses sit comfortably along the curvature of the eye, they provide a wider field of view as compared to the glasses and offer an excellent focus. Also, they are not affected by weather extremes such as rain or fog or humid weather. You may have experienced reflections and distortions while wearing glasses, which will surely become a thing of the past once you start wearing contacts. You will no longer have to worry about scratches to the eye glasses lens. So, for a crystal clear and wider field of vision, contact lenses are your best bet.

3. You can experiment with your eye colour

These days corrective contact lenses are available in a wide range of colours and you would definitely be spoilt for choices. You can safely and temporarily change the colour of your eyes and experiment with your looks. The options range from subtle, natural tones to designs that are bold and stand out in the crowd.

4. They do not let you compromise on your style

Sometimes glasses can get in the way of your style, especially if you love wearing eye makeup. When you opt for contact lenses, you can wear eye makeup safely and get your style game right on spot.

 5. Comfort

Nowadays, contact lenses can be designed for even the most specific of prescriptions. They are available in a wide range for vision correction. For astigmatism, there are toric lenses. Then there are multifocal contacts for people with presbyopia, who require multiple prescriptions in one lens to correct blurry vision. Even those who have sensitive eyes or dry eyes can now enjoy enhanced comfort with lenses specially designed for sensitive eyes or dry eyes.

6. They make your life easier!

For starters, it becomes easier to kiss, as contact lenses won’t get in the way of those sweet cosy moments, unlike spectacles. You can now take selfies without having to worry about the lens glare. You can enjoy waterparks and roller coasters without having to worry about losing your glasses. These are some excellent reasons for you to give contact lenses a try!

So, in a nutshell, the advantages that contact lenses offer over glasses are that they fit perfectly onto the eyes without causing any obstruction to the vision, they offer better peripheral vision, they are well suited for outdoor activities and they are not affected by weather extremes. The cons of contact lenses can be that they tend to be more expensive than glasses and they require proper care if they are two weekly or monthly lenses.


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