Sunglasses make an excellent gift for Eid since they are an affordable luxury item as compared to opting for designer handbags or shoes. Another reason why sunglasses are a great gifting option is that they can be used all year round and are relatively easy to choose. But that doesn’t mean that shopping for sunglasses as a gifting option is a walk in the park. There are some important styling rules that you need to follow if you are picking them for a friend, a family member or a loved one.

 Here are 5 important things to keep in mind while choosing sunglasses as a gift for someone else:

Know the face shape of the person

This one isn’t easy, but it is an essential step to help you find the right frames for someone you really care about. Having an idea about the face shape can help determine which frame styles suit a person and which ones don’t. The face shapes include round, oval, square and heart-shaped. To help you choose better, you can have a look at their existing sunglasses collection for better guidance.

Look at the brands they like

Your friend/loved one may have a brand or designer preference and may have aversion to others. To get a better understanding of his/her choices, you can check out the pictures that they share and upload on social media or brands that they follow. Understanding their brand or design preference will make your loved one feel extra special and give them the feeling of being loved and pampered.

Assess their wardrobe style

Everyone has a different sense of style and you will notice that there are specific frames and designs of sunglasses to match that design sense, be it the shape, size or colour of frames to accommodate that. For example, for those who have a fun/sporty sense of style, aviators are an ideal gifting choice. For someone with a glamorous wardrobe, a large black frame makes the ideal choice whereas, for someone who opts for eclectic, adventurous dresses, full round sunglass lenses which have a 70s edge and coloured or mirrored lenses are an ideal choice.

Take inspiration from celebrity icons

If you are finding it hard to determine someone’s fashion sense, you can use the help of celebrity icons. Ever since the sunglasses hit the market in the 1930s, many iconic stars have helped in shaping different fashion styles that are in vogue till this date. If your loved one dresses like Audrey Hepburn, she would really love a pair of oversized, black sunglasses to complement her feminine wardrobe. If your friend dresses like James Dean, he may be suited for a pair of Wayfarers.

Consider the purpose of sunglasses

Sunglasses can be worn all year round and this makes them a great Eid gift for almost anyone who is an important part of your life. However, if you want to ensure that he/she gets their full, intended use, consider the different purposes for which sunglasses are used and then decide which ones would appeal to your loved one/friend the most. If they love winter sports, opt for sunglasses that offer high-tech specs for winters. If they are into fashion, choose brands that are top favourites among fashion enthusiasts.

So, go ahead and keep these simple yet important tips in mind when choosing sunglasses as a gifting option for your loved one this Eid! Happy Shopping!

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